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15,000 Middle School Students Attend

15,000 Middle School Students Attend "Cool School Field Trip" Hornets Game

On Wednesday, the Charlotte Hornets partnered with Jordan Brand to educate students on the consequences of bullying.  

The theme of this presentation exhibit game against the Detroit Pistons was "Too Cool To Bully" and was attended by more than 15,000 area middle school students.  

The game served as a reward for middle school students, teachers, and administrators from across the Carolinas who display outstanding achievement and character in the classroom.

Every student in attendance received a workbook to be completed throught the course of the game with the help of the in-arena messages, clues, and interviews.  

WBTV spoke with the principal from Monroe Middle School in Union County.

They say they're happy the Hornets are behind the anti-bullying movement.

"It's very important because the kids go through a lot more these days than at my age or other generations.  It's just a different world for our kids so we really rally behind our kids and gets them involved in leading the change to prevent bullying in our schools and community."  said Monroe Middle School Principal Mike Harvey.  

Please note story reprinted from WBTV News, October 16th, 2014

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MMS Recognizes National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month photo

MMS Recognizes National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month

 The Charlotte Hornets are hosting an anti-bulling event this fall. As part of this event, they invited all levels of schools in the Charlotte and surrounding areas to attend a seminar followed by a pre-season game for all attendees.

When Tony Smith, a teacher at MMS learned of the event, he was interested in having our students take part in the activities. In order to participate, Dr. Harvey decided to have all students interested in attending the anti- bullying event with the Hornets create a poster, write an essay or do any kind of project that had to deal with anti-bullying. The 158 students with the best submissions were chosen to attend the seminar and the game. This year MMS will be recognizing National Anti- Bullying Month in several new ways. Dr. Harvey will be reading a student’s essay or poem about bullying every morning on the announcements. The students ‘posters and artwork have been displayed throughout the school, further bringing awareness to the issue of bullying.


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