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“From Zero to Hero”…..Believe It Or Not, Middle School Does Not Last Forever!! photo

“From Zero to Hero”…..Believe It Or Not, Middle School Does Not Last Forever!!



On Monday, April 27th, student-centered, motivational speaker, Mike Hall visited the S.A.V.E. club (Students Against Violence Everywhere) and all students at Monroe Middle School. Mike’s visit was a part of the annual literacy celebration to distribute free books to students funded by a $10,500 grant through Frist Book-Charlotte. Along with receiving free books and free play away sets to build their home libraries, students received a valuable and heart-wrenching lesson on being the best you that you can be. Students in both sessions gave Mike their undivided attention as he shared his life experiences and challenged them to just be who they are and not burden themselves with wishing they could trade places with someone else.  After all, the beautiful, skinny, blonde girl that you want to be like may have a horrible home environment where she feels no one cares. The rich boy that you wish you could be who has more than enough for everyone, maybe wishing he has a father or mother like yours. You just never know. Mike went on to express to the students the serious effects of teasing, bullying, and targeting others because they may be different from someone else.  With humor and reality, Mike asks students to focus on being a hero instead of a zero.  After Mike’s visit, several of our athletes also had an extra opportunity to meet with several players from Wingate University’s men’s basketball team. They spent time in a full court game of basketball with the students and also talked to them about the importance of doing well in school, not acting out in class, and how these things can help them to be successful in high school and in college.

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Diversity training helps UCPS students break down barriers photo

Diversity training helps UCPS students break down barriers

Diversity isn’t just about the color of your skin. This concept was the topic of two daylong programs, one held for middle school students, the other for high school students. Dr. Rixon Campbell, director of Multicultural Student Affairs at Johnson C. Smith University, was the keynote speaker at both events. “Diversity and inclusion mean a whole lot of things,” Campbell told students. “It’s not just about skin color. It’s not just about race and race relations. It’s about diversity of thought, profession and beliefs.” Event organizer Jaime Tejada, a teacher at Monroe High School, said the goal of the diversity training sessions is to spread the word as to the true meaning of diversity and to defeat the stereotypes.

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